Elk Grove Quilt Guild presents
2019 Harvest of Quilt
s - Quilt Show

September 14-15, 2019

Best of Show
#400 Linda Bergamnn



Best Machine Quilting
#900 The ABCs of Gardening
Terry Harmen
Best Hand Quilting
#505 Happy Baskets
Shirley Wells
Best Use of Color
#310 Please Don't Eat the Daisies
Kathy Sansone

Judge's Choice
for Beth Handy
#301 Ebb Tide
Linda Bergmann
  for Carol Smith
#702 My Dinda Town
Helen Burke


President's Choice

for Kathy Sansone
#1533 All My Friends are Flakes
Pat Remmert
  for Sue Martin
#306 Forest Floor
Shirley Gruner
Pieced Quilts - Small Applique Quilts - Small Scrap Quilts
1st #105 Terry Harman
Upstairs Downstairs
1st #400 Linda Bergmann
1st #700 Kathy's 2019 President Quilt
2nd #103 Judith Baker
Haunted Cabin
2nd #402 Malene Evans
With Love
2nd #702 Helen Burke
My Kinda Town
3rd #100 Sherry Franceschi
A Hint of Spring
3rd #403 Shirley Wells
Birds in My Garden
3rd #703 Marcia Richards
Pink Lemonade
HM #106 Marsha Egbert
The Eclipse
HM #401 Evelyn Fraser
Birds of A Feather
HM #705 Jacquie Kilbert
Autumn Geese
Pieced Quilts - Medium Applique Quilts - Medium Art Quilts
1st #212 Malene Evans
Nebraska Delight
1st #505 Shirley Wells
Happy Baskets
1st #801 Linda Bergmann
April and Taj
2nd #209 Jacquie Kilbert
Christmas Tree for Alan
2nd #504 Malene Evans
Fun in the Sun
2nd #803 Marcia Richards
Going Frog Wilk
3rd #204 Schelly Numrych
Tea Cup Treasure
3rd #500 Karen Jordan
Dear Jane Sea Creatures
3rd #800 Sue Martin
Bailey Boy
HM #203 Sherry Franceschi
Kelly's Star
HM #305 Jacquie Kilbert
30's Posies
Pieced Quilts - Large Applique Quilts - Large Other Techniques
1st #307 Marsha Egbert
Rolling Star
1st #600 Karen Jordan
Karen's Floral Menagerie
1st #900 Terry Harman
The ABC's Gardening
2nd #301 Linda Bergmann
Ebb Tide
2nd #601 Sue Sheridan
Brook's Zoo
2nd #902 Shirley Wells
Which Witch's Boot
3rd #300 2019 Opportunity Quilt
Stars at Midnight
3rd #602 Pam Jewell
Medallion Quilt
HM #309 Marcia Richards
Hunter Star
Pictorial Wearable Arts/Accessories Dear Jane Quilt Show Challenge
1st #1301 Terry Harman
Sing Me a Song
1st #1000 Terry Harman
Dancing Diamonds

1st Malene Evans
Paddle Wheels

2nd #1303 Kathy Sansone
The EYES Have It
2nd #1002 Rosanne Montrouil
Summer Nights
2nd Karen Cannon
Cathies Campfire
HM #1300 Sue Martin
Evie's Giraffe
HM #1003 Sue Sheridan
Cross Hair Ruler Bag
3rd Karen Jordan
Dresden Plaid
    HM Georgia Calderon
Oh Dear Jane
First Judged Quilt    
1st #1401 Victoria Randolph
The Medallion
2nd #1402 Jana Violet


Quilt Show Committee:

Quilt Show Chairs: Georgia Calderon & Roxanne Montrouil
Country Boutique: Maggie Smith
Decorations: Sue Overmire
Exit Door: Karen Jordan
Food: Roxanne Montrouil
Front Door: Sylvia McCutcheon
Ins & Outs: Karen Cannon
Judging & Ribbons: Terry Harman & Malene Evans
Layout: Anita Jordan
Opportunity Quilt: Sue Martin
Program: Sue Martin
Publicity: Georgia Calderon
Raffle Baskets: Marcia Richards
Setup & Takedown: Jim & Linda Brown
Treasurer: Malene Evans
Vendors: Georgia Calderon
Volunteers: Marion Mullen